Salaam and welcome!

Thanks for commenting in advance. If this is your first time commenting, continuing reading. Before going on, let me repeat something I read on a forum once: “Free speech here means that you don’t have to pay to post.” In other words, you can’t say what you want on this blog and we do moderate all comments for all posts. Here are some rules and guidelines for comments. First, we ultimately choose which comments are published and which aren’t. We usually publish most of the comments received, even if they are in disagreement with the author. That said, we don’t appreciate comments that go off topic, we don’t appreciate people trying to argue with us or other commentators just to argue, and we really don’t appreciate people who insult people who disagree with them. So if we feel that your comments do either of these, then we will reject it. Please, remember that this blog seeks to promote gender equality so if your posts are felt to be misogynistic, your comments will be rejected. Also, this is not the place to post hateful, Islamophobic comments. If that is your aim then don’t even both to comment because your comments will be deleted. Please do not go off on tangent about how a person’s Islam is deficient or weak. If you feel that strongly, do these two things: make du’a and leave it alone. Also, don’t attack other bloggers or commentators and try to post comments that are constructive. Please read these other general guidelines from Gina Trapani as well. Happy commenting! 🙂