Muslimnista is a blog dedicated to feminist thought and activism in Islam. At Muslimnista, we believe that feminism and Islam are compatible. In fact, we believe that Islam advocates feminism because of the egalitarian spirit of Islam that is present in the Qur’an and Sunnah. We seek to bring back the egalitarian ethos of Islam that was lost through the centuries and to give women their rightful place in Islam. Muslimnista is for women and men who believe in gender equality for all Muslims and who seek to make that a reality.

The first reason for creating this blog is to show that feminism and Islam are not antithetical to each other. Unfortunately, there is this view among both some Muslims and some non-Muslim feminists that Islam and feminism are not compatible. This is just not true. From the earliest stages of Islamic history, there have been women who have fought for the rights of women in the ummah (Islamic community). They believed that Allah (God) not only spoke to men in the ummah but that He was speaking too members of the ummah. Women such as ‘A’isha, Hafsa and Umm Salama (ra) all fought to have women be inclusive in the early Muslim community.

The other primary reason for starting this blog is because I couldn’t find a blog that was just dedicated to Muslim feminist thought. There are blogs done by Muslim feminists. I am one of those feminists with a blog. However, there didn’t seem to be many blogs just dedicated to this topic. So, I thought Muslimnista could help to fill in the void. Insha’Allah, this blog will help to start a movement both on the Internet and in real life.


7 Responses to “What is Muslimnista?”

  1. This is a great blog. I’ve been writing about my life in Egypt as a Canadian, a Muslim, and the widow of an Egyptian since 2003 in an effort to get a human face to some of the nonsense propogated by the press. I’m going to add it to my list of blogs to read for my readers.

  2. Faith Says:

    Thanks Maryanne!

  3. jondh Says:

    This is a really interesting blog! As a white Christian male, I’m about as far removed as one could get from the pertinent issues, and I love reading what you write!

  4. ggita32 Says:

    Ahhh yes breaking more myths about Islam, and Muslim countries. Here in the US the mainstream media will not write anything much except negativity about this subject. Thank you & keep up the good work…:)

  5. michelle2005 Says:

    Your comment, “The first reason for creating this blog is to show that feminism and Islam are not antithetical to each other”…is a fact. I saw this up close and personal. Muslim women and feminism are NOT mutually exclusive.

    Having lived outside the USA for 30 years as a Humanitarian Aid Relief Coordinator and Educator for First Responders…allowed me entrance into numerous nations across four continents. When I returned back to the USA…it was like landing on a different planet. The perceptions are as twisted as can be imagined.

    When I was a child I had a teacher that said, “Every life touches every other life…” I know this is true. We need to support one another, respect and honor one another. Dignity needs to be shown to each one. However, like you said on another post…we do NOT need to speak for one another (unless asked….and I’ve seen this happen).

    You have a great site and I’m so glad to have found it!

    Kindest Regards,


  6. natashalatiff Says:

    This is excellent. As a Muslim feminist myself I enjoy reading these perspectives and write some myself.


  7. Hymie Ali Says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work.
    I am a recent convert, and a long time blogger, so it was natural I continue my online work.
    A reader recently questioned me on the roles, views and attitudes towards women in Islam, and as part of my research I felt I had to contact and communicate with Sisters as its the real world point of view that I am trying to share with people. That conversation led me here, and now I have a link on my blog to you, because your blog is perfect for what I was trying to share.

    Thank you so much!

    Insh’Allah many people can see how the term Muslim feminist is not only possible, but a beautiful thing

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