Hubby always gets the best tips. So in another e-mail forwarded to me by him, there was a little article from the Arab News about how the vice cops in Saudi “saved” a woman from a guy who was blackmailing her by threatening to lie about an “illicit affair”. While it’s nice to nab a blackmailer, the article didn’t quite sit right with me. Why was this particular case so noteworthy? Surely, the blackmailer in question isn’t the only one running around in the KSA and I imagine there must be more than a few blackmail victims, male and female in Saudi. The article almost seemed like a promo for the vice police, the same vice police who wouldn’t let female students leave a burning building because they weren’t properly covered. It’s kinda like a covert apology for them: “See, what would those damsels in distress do without the vice cops? They would taken advantage of by those bad men. So the vice police are actually good for women!” Right. The Mutaween couldn’t ask for better press.