As salaamu ‘alaikum all,

Welcome to Muslimnista! This is the first post of the blog. This blog was created to promote feminist ideas and thought from a Muslim perspective. You may wonder why there needs to be a blog dedicated to Muslim feminist thought. There are a number of reasons why I felt this was necessary. The first reason for creating this blog is to show that feminism and Islam are not antithetical to each other. Unfortunately, there is this view among both some Muslims and some non-Muslim feminists that Islam and feminism are not compatible. This is just not true. From the earliest stages of Islamic history, there have been women who have fought for the rights of women in the ummah (Islamic community). They believed that Allah (God) not only spoke to men in the ummah but that He was speaking too members of the ummah. Women such as ‘A’isha, Hafsa and Umm Salama (ra) all fought to have women be inclusive in the early Muslim community.

The other primary reason for starting this blog is because I couldn’t find a blog that was just dedicated to Muslim feminist thought. There are blogs done by Muslim feminists. I am one of those feminists with a blog. However, there didn’t seem to be many blogs just dedicated to this topic. So, I thought Muslimnista could help to fill in the void. Insha’Allah, this blog will help to start a movement both on the Internet and in real life.